Business Consultancy Services in London

We provide a complete range of professional business consultancy services in London

Strategy, Development & Implementation

Having a strategy in place to improve or change the way a company operates within is of a great importance for any business growth. Circumstances such as fast growth comes with the price of being too busy to look at what is missing could affect and frustrate at times. It can be simple as setting up a new filing system where you can find documents with a click of a button or even on the move. At PBF we can assist with identifying requirements by attending your premises to audit current systems and discuss your views. We will then provide a strategy to be developed. We will finally implement the system and train your staff if that is what you require. And of course provide continuous support and training. Our services will ensure you have the time to concentrate on your other duties and will also improve and support your business with it's future goals.

Virtual Assistant & PA Services

If a PA Service is what you are looking for we are here to help. PB Futures Ltd will take the time to get to know your business and also your personal requirements. It is vital to understand these in order to assist in the best way possible to achieve your goals. As with most of the services offered by the company you can use this as a one off, for a period of time or continuously depending on your requirements.

  • Email Account Management
  • Diary Management
  • Appointment Booking
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Event Management

Business Administration Support

Do you need Templates created for your business? Or perhaps you are re-branding your existing templates and need help transferring them to a new layout? PB Futures can help with that and much more.

  • Templates Creation
  • Letter Writing
  • Training Documents
  • Manuals
  • Booking Forms
  • Meeting Minutes and Reports
  • Address and Filing Labels
  • Quality Management of Templates

Document Management System (DMS) & Consulting​

Is your business growing but the current DMS is not up to the task? Do you need a better solution for your business? PB Futures can help with the research and development of the best Document Management System solution for your business.

  • Consultation on specific requirements
  • Market research for the best value and solution to individual company needs
  • Development of the document management system
  • Protocols creation as per company requirements
  • Implementation of the system across the business
  • Training staff and third party team members / contractors on the Document Management System

Data Entry & Processing

Do you have a large amount of data that needs to be collated or processed? Do you have business contacts that have to be shared internally but are not on a central database? Or perhaps you are looking to expand your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database?

PB Futures Ltd can help with creating a CRM or any other database for your company and maintaining it. We can also assist with entering backlog information


Suppliers are an integral part for some businesses and it is important that invoices are sent on time and outstanding payments are chased. PB Futures Ltd can ensure that this is all done for you in a timely fashion and you can concentrate on other business matters.

  • Invoicing
  • Chasing Payments
  • Procurement – placing orders with suppliers